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Sunstar, Flip / September 15, 2002

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Yup!, Issue 1.03 / November 2001

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The Manila Times / May 31, 2003

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PULP , PulpReviews / Issue 13, March 2001

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Sheila and the Insects
Originally by Apo Hiking Society

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Written by Jim Paredes

Softly, as the morning sun
Comes through my window pane
Thoughts come to me
Memories of you fill my mind and I smile

So gently, and my world transforms
Into a merry carousel
Turning me round
Bringing me back to the place where I found ...

You there, time could have stood still and then
We'd spend all our moments to share
The dreams that we've known sometime, somewhere

And as, we go through the days
Remembering the love we made
I know that you'll stay
Bringing me more than what mere words can say

I know, that time can stand still and then
We'd spend all our moments to share
The dreams that we've known sometime, somewhere.

I know, that time can stand still and then
We'd spend all our moments to share
The dreams that we've known sometime, somewhere.

This song appears in the album The Best of Kami nAPO Muna 2CD+DVD.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Bisrock brouhaha

Local radio, particularly Smash FM of late has been playing a lot of Bisrock, supposedly short for Bisayan rock, a new genre that traces its roots to Max Surban and Yoyoy Villame, the kings of novelty and Cebuano song. Both Max and Yoyoy however are master songwriters and witty humorists. Most of the current songs however, being overplayed by the local stations, are products of unimaginative songwriting and humor that is painfully dry, and at best, insulting.

Let me stress though that I say most and not all because ironically, the band that arguably started this whole movement, Missing Filemon, is a very talented group of accomplished songwriters and musicians. And their songs are some of the best examples of intelligently written lyrics with impressive wit with underlying social commentary, and, more importantly, are masterfully recorded.

The rest however, have simply jumped on the bandwagon with haphazardly cobbled together recordings pretending to be novelty songs. Novelty, or Bisrock, is supposed to be music for the masses. Music with accessible lyrics and folk sensibilities. The new generation of bands however don’t seem to get it. Accessible lyrics don’t mean downright dumb lyrics, and folk or traditional sensibilities don’t mean reckless musicianship. I can probably overlook musical incompetence. What I can’t stand is bad taste.

And herein lie the differences. Missing Filemon dared to create, while the others that quickly followed simply dared to copy. Missing Filemon spawned powerful recordings, while the others that quickly followed spewed pitiful ‘wreck’-ordings’. Missing Filemon started the movement, while the others jumping on the bandwagon are killing it.

I’m sure Insoy, the frontman of Missing Filemon is flattered by the torrent of copycats. But although imitation may be the best form of flattery, parody is definitely the harshest form of affront.

The hardest thing to kill is a bad song. It sticks to your head like bubblegum to hair. Stubborn and ugly. Suffering from LSS or the Last Song Syndrome with a terrible song played over and over again is the meanest of torture. You can drown out your neighbor’s pathetic karaoke singing by putting on earphones and jacking into an iPod but you absolutely cannot drown out bad music that’s playing from inside your head.

If only for this reason, there should be an ordinance regulating local radio. Since there’s an ordinance that requires the playing of proudly local music, there should be one that bans the playing of embarrassing local music as well. Or isn’t there an ordinance against noise pollution? Although we can measure noise in decibels, alas, we have yet to invent the ‘cringe-o-meter’.

The only good thing I can say about Bisrock is that it is intensely popular. I add, too popular, too fast. Of course, we all know it can’t last. So sudden has been its rise to popularity that that in itself will become its own downfall. Aided in no small part by Bisrock’s current onslaught of mediocrity.

In physics, the velocity of any projectile at a given height is the same going up as it is going down. So the faster you shoot up, the quicker you die down. I suspect the laws of physics hold true with the Cebuano music scene. If I am right, then I am comforted at least in the fact that all this brouhaha that we now suffer will not last too long.

Posted at 01:40 pm by bisoy

August 12, 2008   05:26 PM PDT
please dont use mr lomocso's name in an offensive way. yes he is an irony, creative and destructive at the same time. he's fighting an internal and external spiritual war. let him be, to rise and fall in his own way.

the artist himself will find his destiny. he's exceptional as a poet. give him the credit he deserves. peace
April 1, 2008   08:44 AM PDT
my grasp of the dialect is little and i did have some things translated. i don't know many bisRock bands but based on those I've heard, i must say that SATI does have a point. being a musician does involve being your own critic. i mean, your music is a reflection of your being so why would you want to present something unpolished? most of those i've heard sound like they didn't even exert any effort in making it original.
cliff burtex
March 18, 2008   12:07 PM PDT
ay pasagdi na lang na sila kay mga frustrated nga mga tiguwang na sila nga way posteng na-ugbok sa music scene. ga-usik lang sa 20 yrs gadagan2x nga way kapa-ingna sa senaryo. ang tigulaaang :)
March 8, 2008   01:59 PM PST
March 8, 2008   01:58 PM PST
Eric Goden Lomocso ang pinakabagsik :D
March 8, 2008   01:55 PM PST
Eric Goden Lomocso ray mo-demolish ninyong pa-swetoswetoha mo :)
March 8, 2008   12:19 PM PST
Eric Goden Lomocso ray mo-demolish ninyong mga pa-swetoswetoha mo :)
December 26, 2007   05:05 PM PST
Wanting to hav are own music, lies a responsiblity in making ways as to how we'll preserve, protect, patronize, and to spreadout what we believe is good craft. Strive all means for us to stay alive, dont stick on one sound, like what we are hearing always in smash FM the song are similarly arranged, plotted, & composed. We have to experiment various music influences. But Cebuano Literature should be embrace and carry out so that our identity we'll remain strong and visible.
Example of this bands are:
Missing Filemon
Shiela & d insects
Junior Kilat
Happy days
And a lot of them,, they dont sound redundant they have their own destinction...but i know everyone of them are always proud of being a cebuano, and will carry their bloodtags for every accomplishment they will hold & achieve in the Music industry
October 3, 2007   12:33 PM PDT
no comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 28, 2007   02:36 PM PDT
u know wat guys.....i think its better to mind our own bizniz...before ta mo point satoang finger sa uban taw,we/i/you have to make it sure nga its clean.....gets???
May 19, 2007   03:13 PM PDT
mao. wala gayuy substance nang mga kanta sa bisrock bands. binugo stayl. basta ba lang makahimog kanta pun-an pag yabag nga bokalista apil nang mga bungol nga instrumenta, pwerte gayung paita! pahuway mo.. saba-saba lang mo da.
May 16, 2007   07:14 AM PDT
dili kasabot c ram bay, paminawa lang gud iya banda na 'whats da freq', baga lang gyapun kaayo, cge gyapun patukar bisan bungol paminawn ug hugaw ug labaw sa tanan, YABAG KAAYO IYA VOCALS!

kita pod diay kos ila tukar, wala gyuy angay unggoya, feeling pagyud kaayo, grabe gyud ka YABAG mga pre.
April 26, 2007   10:31 PM PDT

i cudnt agree w u bai. its true dat d music during d 80's rocks. d local ground i mean.. raw belief, medusa taciturn, etc., quality not quantity. d respect d music and d musicians, real musicians.

d concernd agency should regulate if not prohibit the airing of these nuisance on air, which as of late, multiplied in numbers. f they prohibit vulgar/libelous language on air, they should likewise prohibit nuisance on air and let the DJ's concerned answer and be held liable. In civilized society, there is what we called norms, rules and regulations. As radio stations/DJ's they have a responsibility to their listeners, to educate and entertain them and not offend/ irriate them as in the case of bizrock as of late.

DJ RAM you better screen the music u play and be responsible. ur actuations are not at all encouraging. its bordering to being pathetic but not amusing
April 26, 2007   10:15 PM PDT
although its admirable 4 DJ RAM 2 ncourage bands and tel dm 2 do dr thing. dr thing is not our thing n itl never b. u try 2 evaluate 1st b4 u play it on d air n let our airdrums blow... u dare 2 call urself a DJ..

bisayan dialect s d most comonly used n d whole archipelago, but plz. dont murder d language. MAKAUULAW. it doesnt mean and follow that f u know how 2 play d instrument n uve a band, ure ok. its not. being a musician does not hind on mere skills which s learned but talent. drs so many skilled but few have talents. some have it, some dont. DRS SO MANY BANDS NOW WHO CLAIMED 2 HAVE D "IT" but n truth n fact, they never have. PRETENDERS.

just give dm dr 1 minute fame dn let dm go, dont replay dr amateurish songs, lyrics, tunes THAT even us, laypeople/ can do better nd improve.

enough already. let bizrock rIse 2 ITS RIGHFUL PLACE BUT PLEASE LEAVE D TRASH/GARBAGE...
April 26, 2007   10:00 PM PDT

its true dat many rode d biz rock bandwagon. look at it now? yagaw, no more quality, the tune, d lyrics.pataka nakang. all crap as of late. just have a band, a thing u called tune n dr u go....

u cannot help but compare it w jack d wack b4 (jack jakosalem) and johnny cawa of Y101 who encouraage n started d "local ground scene" n d 80's. music were quality then although n english, no1 dared to dwel on such ground unless u have d talent, ability. unlike now, save 4 some, most were merely pretenders, not musicians. d sud try 2 look at yoyoy villame n max surban 4 nlightnement and guidance. try to study dr lyrics, its meanings, d tune. d kay pataka lang. pastilan.

much as i luv bisayan rock at its enception, now? i never did. how can u tolerate such noise, such nuisance. it boggles d mind. live n learn people.
February 16, 2007   04:07 PM PST
Bisrock will evolve. Bisoy, wa diay ka ni-agi sa pagka banga sauna when you first picked up the guitar and wrote your first song? Artist man kaha ka, you should understand that. Let them grow, na ni guwang nalang bya mong ian sa local music industry.

I've spoke with Ian before, maayo siya ug views and all that crap about SATI bieng an artist...yeah yeah yeah..taas kaayo kog respeto niya back then, until this entry.

SATI, you've just lost a fan.
January 4, 2007   10:20 AM PST
basta disappointed nko sa bizrawk.. i used to be part of this certain clan, ang amo objective ky 2 support the bandz pro wa nko gnahi ug apil ky wa nko gnahi sa mga bag-ong banda.. Again, quality lagi, not quantity..
January 2, 2007   12:48 AM PST
If they're happy with just the common person's approval, that’s fine. How much they want to be appreciated by musicians is up to them. After all, commercial success and artistic success are two different things. we all know where they are doing good at.
December 20, 2006   06:13 PM PST
peace :D
December 20, 2006   06:12 PM PST
By the way, nakabasa ko nga si Insoy, to improve the quality of bisrock songwriting, held several songwriting workshops recently.

kamo---bisoy, iangahibatangnawng, and others---unsa man ang nabuhat ninyo to improve songwriting in cebu, especially kanang sa inyong lyrics nga pagka pretentious nalang
December 20, 2006   06:04 PM PST

sakto ka anang DJ Ram bay. pero bahin sa Missing og Aggro Audio, ayaw padala sa SATI ug ubang grupo nga ibangga na silang duha. ang gusto sa SATI kay paaway-awayon na silang duha ug ubang bisrock bands aron magyagaw.

abiso, lang ni: read between the lines. unsa man ang tuyo sa SATI ani? i-improve ang bisrock o patyon ni nga movement? nganong iya man nang gipaon si Insoy? Valid ang mga reklamo ni insoy, pero tan-awa giunsa pagbanga sa SATI ang Missing vs. Bisrock.
Kung maayo ang intensyon ni Bisoy, nganong wala may constructive criticism nga mabasa nimo sa iyang post? Nganong puro raman birada? Nganong wala siyay suggestion para ma-improve ang songwriting sa Bisrock (of course di man sab gud siya kamao mosuwat)?
To get rid of this threat called bisrock, ibangga ang mga simbolo ani nga movement. Kagat sad dayon ang mga kanahang bisrocker.

December 20, 2006   05:47 PM PST
@No.1 Bisrock Fan

tinuod, daghan bitawng ngil-ad nga bisrock compositions.

but the question is what credibility does a band whose musicianship needs a lot of fixing have to criticize a movement that is in its infancy? it reeks of sour-graping, which is sad really.

og sigurado ba ka nga wa na gikondena sa SATI ang bisrock? young man, read between the lines, just as you would lyrics with multiple layers of meaning (a quality SATI's compositions utterly lack)

December 20, 2006   05:36 PM PST

your going gaga over SATI's lyrics says a lot about your taste. if cliches are your barometer for "powerful," mind-blowing lyrics, fine---you're in your element in the kitsch clique.

so what if their COMPOSTsitions get airtime on NU107 talk radio? Half of the songs that station plays is crap anyway (i'm using the word crap so it would be more accessible to you. your neurons might short circuit.)

pick your battles, aron di ka mauwawan.
December 3, 2006   05:53 PM PST
Murag kanang si DJ Ram naka among ani kay gapataka nalang ug dawat ug patukar sa smashfm.
ah, patukar man gani siya sa iya kaugalingun na banda, "what's the frequency" ang ngalan nga sus! paminawa lang ninyo! yabag siya mokanta, way lami iya mga lyrics, bungol ang sound, tanan nalang na saway!
nya, kusug pa gyud magpa swito2x sa iya stinuryahan sa radyo bogo raba kaayo! ma la-os ra na siya. mas nindut baya unta sa earlydays sa bisrock kani-adtong wala pana siya mu papel!
naa man untay mga nindut diha na sa uban stations na nako madunggan.

indephums, ok baya inyo rhythm
section (maypagka slapshock lang usahay), e-improve lang ang vox!

nya kanang scrambled eggs kay mas una pana sa missingfilemon by nearly 10 years!
November 30, 2006   05:54 AM PST
By the way, i used to owez go to bizrawk gigz pero karon, madiscourage nko, bati nman gud ang quality.. Bati na ang line-up.. 2 bizrawk bandz, try makin' trackz that make sense.. Like mizzin' felimon, scrambled eggz, indephumz..
November 30, 2006   05:50 AM PST
I agree.. im a big fan of bizrawk when it first went out.. Pero nagkabati naman oi, lately, the new bands are just imitating the style of the first bizrawk bandz.. Bati na au ang theme, walay sense.. Only the 1st few bandz ang nindot.. Maybe it would be much better if they focus on quality not quantity, = ).. Support local muzik..
November 20, 2006   07:02 PM PST
tinuod man!!! Nibati man jud ang Bisrock. Daghanna man nagpatuyang gud! perti yabaga lagi, alingugngug na!
November 20, 2006   06:55 PM PST
Hey Trabunko, are you sure you're calling Orven's lyrics as insipid! Do you even know what that means? Or did you just come across that word by accident and simply decided to flaunt the newest exotic addition to your vocabulary. And judging by how sparing you support your serious allegation, your vocabulary must be very limited indeed.

For a lot of people, SATI is the best Cebuano band in terms of lyrics. They probably are! Try the lyrics to 'Maude' - “I don’t need many friends, just real ones few, just like you.” Or the more challenging 'Violet'. There's more.

Remember the line: "Fault myself for all your sins, to whom must I apologize?" That's from Everyday drive, the song they sang in NU Rock Awards. One short powerful line that sums up worlds of angst and sarcasm.

So if you know your vocabulary, insipid is the last thing you can describe SATI’s songwriting. Come back and post an argument more compelling than a one-word description and support it.
No.1 Bisrock Fan
November 20, 2006   05:01 PM PST
Sabta sa ninyo ang gisuwat intawn oy. Wa ni sila mangundina sa BISROCK. Ang issue diri kay ang quality sa mga kanta nga gipangbuhat sa UBANG mga bisrock nga banda karon.

Kay di tinuod!? Nakapaminaw na ba kamo's mga bisrock karon? Dili ba mo makaingon ug "naunsa naman tawn ni sila oy?!"?

Ako mismo ganahan KAAYO ug bisrock -- makalingaw ug presko paminawon. APAN dili tanan! Mao man siguro niy gipasabot nila. Pamasa sad tingali mo oy, unya sabta ninyo ug tarong una mo mukomentar!

Usbon nako, ang issue diri kay ang quality sa ubang bisrock nga banda nga magbuhat-sa-kay-buhat lang ug mga sonata BASTA MAKABUHAT LANG. Paminawa gud na ninyo ang Missing Filemon, paminawa ug tarong ang mga lyrics ug ang arrangement sa mga kanta. Saludo ko ana nila. Kina-idolan sa tanan bisrock. Hinaut nga sama unta niana ang mga quality sa mga kanta ang pagabuhaton sa uban. Wa ko mag-ingon nga same sound ha!? Quality akong pasabot.

Aduna koy katungod sa akong aligutgut kay hinan-aw ug tigpaminaw ko'g bisrock, ug makaingon ko nga daghan gyung way nada.

THIS should serve as a challenge to all those bands nga mukuyog ani nga genre. Kinahanglan maningkamot sad mo nga mapanindot ninyo inyong mga kanta. Kay kung dili, pila'y pusta...daghang taw ang mutulisok ninyo.

Sabot na? Wa gihapon? Pahuway oy!
November 8, 2006   11:24 AM PST
hahaha! ang na-igo, naglagut!!!!
November 7, 2006   03:38 PM PST
i find your views on bisrock quite repulsive and arrogant coming from a band who confuses its own identity with the brits. compose ug binisaya..diha ko mobilib ninyo.
November 2, 2006   09:46 PM PST
amen sa inyong kigol
November 2, 2006   09:44 PM PST
before you criticize the songwriting of "mediocre" bisrockers, why don't you fix your band's lyrics first, which are insipid at best
October 29, 2006   01:46 PM PST
October 27, 2006   08:07 PM PDT
hahaha. amen too!!!
October 26, 2006   03:44 PM PDT

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