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My most hated band


"I didn't like the name but it doesn't matter. They played great band music."
- Nina Araknida
Sunstar, Flip / September 15, 2002

"Few rock bands in town could stand at the crossroads of a dynamic and evolving music scene and knock down the high walls that divide music genres and audiences with as much success as Sheila and the Insects. "
- Ronald P. Villavelez
Yup!, Issue 1.03 / November 2001

"Sheila & The Insectsí music is new wave-influenced post-punk rock music that is considerably heavy yet still melodic "
- Cris O. Ramos Jr.
The Manila Times / May 31, 2003

"What does an indie band do with the oft-maligned mix of rock and new wave? In the case of Cebu-based Sheila and the Insects, plenty."
- Ganns Deen
PULP , PulpReviews / Issue 13, March 2001

Orven Enoveso
Ian Zafra
Jerros Dolino

Sheila and the Insects

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Sheila and the Insects
Originally by Apo Hiking Society

:: Download SATI version ::
:: Original Apo version ::
Written by Jim Paredes

Softly, as the morning sun
Comes through my window pane
Thoughts come to me
Memories of you fill my mind and I smile

So gently, and my world transforms
Into a merry carousel
Turning me round
Bringing me back to the place where I found ...

You there, time could have stood still and then
We'd spend all our moments to share
The dreams that we've known sometime, somewhere

And as, we go through the days
Remembering the love we made
I know that you'll stay
Bringing me more than what mere words can say

I know, that time can stand still and then
We'd spend all our moments to share
The dreams that we've known sometime, somewhere.

I know, that time can stand still and then
We'd spend all our moments to share
The dreams that we've known sometime, somewhere.

This song appears in the album The Best of Kami nAPO Muna 2CD+DVD.

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Friday, April 09, 2004
My most hated band

I was invited to write a piece for SunStar Daily. Although they liked it, it wasn't published because it was too long. Rather than bother with editing it down to the acceptable length, I'm posting it here instead. I felt it elegantly explains why Sheila and the Insects is back, hence, I opine, a perfect opening entry to this weblog.



I hated Sheila and the Insects. If you don't know what I'm talking about, they were the band from Cebu that burst through the Manila music scene circa 2000. Getting noticed with new wave sounding ditties and topping the Manila rock charts with two singles culled from a well-received independent album, SATI was for a time the toast of Cebu. I should know. I am their frontman. I still am.

Iím the lead vocalist for the band, and I have been for close to ten years now. I didnít always hate playing in the band. In fact, when I first started, I absolutely enjoyed it.

It was different before. I was still in college then when the norm was that bands played cover songs during gigs. Although there were bands that broke through with their original songs particularly during the ďLocal GroundĒ era, that scene, although now legendary, did not last long. We had emerged during the mid-90ís at the tail end of that short-lived local band scene explosion. The momentum, although meteoric, had quickly ebbed. We found ourselves riding a dying wave.

But we went on.

And we had to survive. So without knowing it, we evolved into a band that played covers. Yes, we had original songs but nobody really appreciated them. Not when radio didnít really support local bands and musicians. Radio had myopic play lists back then. (Not to say that itís great nowadays.) Myopic in the sense that they never noticed talent right under their noses. Iím not saying their program directors didnít have taste in that they never took notice of our band. That would be saying too much. After all, as I recall, we sounded awful years ago. Not to claim we sound great nowadays, but at least now I think most will find our songs palatable.

So going back to radio, their play lists had to be mostly foreign acts (read: top 40 hits) with a sprinkling of OPM (read: Martin Nievera ballads and other similar-sounding tagalog songs). Never any songs from Cebuano artists. Never!

Okay, I may be exaggerating, but only to stress a point. The point being that Cebuanos back then, never really took notice of local original music. Itís almost like when you never notice a pretty neighbor and it takes a comment from a visiting cousin from out-of-town to make you take a second look. Bad metaphor, I know.

So anyway, we still went on.

And on our gigs, we played cover songs. Hey, we were really enjoying ourselves. We were playing songs from The Smiths, The Cure, and Echo and the Bunnymen. What could be more Ďcoolí than that? Hey, we were young, collectively naÔve and I had more hair then.

It was great and I was having the time of my life. We played gigs in small clubs and eventually got invited to bigger clubs, clubs that had more class, much more expensive beer and a spunkier crowd. So every time weíd play for these better-dressed people, weíd throw in cheesy covers like ďGhost in youĒ by the Psychedelic Furs (it never failed) or that anthem-like ďDonít you forget about meĒ by the Simple Minds. People went gaga over the ďlalalaĒ of that songís ending. They loved us. And we loved it.

Maybe we loved it too much that we fell for it. It was the lure of bigger crowds, and bigger bank checks. We took it all in. Shamelessly. Nothing like fame and fortune.

I think we would never admit it then, but I think we got greedy. We wanted more, so we went to Manila. We weíre getting noticed in our neighborhood now so we figured the next natural step would be to get noticed in a bigger neighborhood. So we quit our day jobs, against our parentís sane advice, packed our guitars and clothes and tried our luck in the big city. Like I said, we were young and naÔve. We knew in our hearts weíd make it.

And we were right. Eventually.

We couldnít get gigs in the classy bars, because we didnít have a sexy female vocalist fronting, our band-name notwithstanding. Audition after audition, we got turned down. Until we decided to do our own stuff and play our own songs. Then things started happening for us. Our bandís self-discovery led us to the right gigs, the right connections and, eventually, the right breaks.

Eventually, we succeeded beyond our expectations. But only because we wanted it badly enough that we persisted for two years and against all odds. Nothing like the hunger for fame and fortune to drive you on. Yes, national radio finally played our songs, we topped the rock chart and we played in the NU107 rock awards as ďBest new artistĒ nominee. I was living my dreams.

But we didnít enjoy Manila. It was a rough neighborhood. And so we went back to Cebu. Back to the grind of gigs and the tiring band circuit. And we went back to playing cover songs, because sadly, Cebu still generally liked the old, familiar Sheila and the Insects.

Thatís when I started to hate playing for the band. I had found my soul in Manila playing songs that I myself wrote only to fall back into the same trap of playing cover songs. The rest of our bandís story here is one filled with constant unease, painful compromise and soul-less existence. At least thatís my version. And thatís my reason for eventually breaking up with the band.

I wanted honesty in my music. Something that, Iíve come to realize, means more than the weekly bar gigs, chanting party people, and the regular talent fee. I sold my soul for a song and I have had enough of it so I quit. There.

But were back now. Sheila and the Insects is back in the band scene. Weíve got a new sound, new songs, and a new album in the works. Iím playing with Ian Zafra, the guy who recruited me in the band years ago plus Boobop and Jerros, two new talented members who share the same ambition for the band.

So whatís different this time around? Our songs are for sale but not our souls.

I know I may sound presumptuous but at least Iím being honest. Something Iíve been unable to claim for my music for quite a few staggered years.

Posted at 05:46 pm by bisoy

June 9, 2009   10:34 AM PDT
I like this one, "Itís almost like when you never notice a pretty neighbor and it takes a comment from a visiting cousin from out-of-town to make you take a second look." I think I'll take this for safe keeping...
May 25, 2009   02:11 PM PDT
i love your music. makahilak ko sa kahawd. unta forever mo.
February 18, 2009   04:19 AM PST
wow sheila and the insects you are a cool band youre songs are really good very addictive to hear.I first heard you over rj underground radio 105.9 fm.pls visit and link up this site awsomegeek.multiply.com it is a metal head site and also do links of jokojun.com for all opm rock 24/7
Karl Acepcion
January 29, 2009   01:31 PM PST
I wrote about you in Manila via my music mag. I liked your sound the moment I got hold of that press kit. Your Manila sojourn wasn't in vain. In fact, I'm starting an S&TI group in Facebook.
November 7, 2008   01:21 PM PST
maaung udtu ser..

tag-as lagi gap sa blog?..busy sa career?hehe

ive noticed.. coz this page is on my speed dial..hehe

lyk reading ur entry actually..i dunno i just find it interesting..its wierd coz im a lazy reader..or maybe its because im a fan..
actually you can call me a post SATI fan..but i did catch a glimpse of you guys doing a gig in CDO with jr kilat, smooth friction and power spoons..im really not hooked into the insect until flowerfish..however i was blown away by tomorow not today..but it was flowerfish that finish me up..hehe..and since then ive been bragging and introducing u guys to my friends, families and to the world..ur music is just plain beauty..simple yet sophisticated...

SATI's one of the reason why im in ubec ryt now..but sad to say im too late..in my early months here ive been hanging out at outpost a lot hoping to catch a SATI gig...and my hope's still up especially now that ur cooking something new..hope to be there when it happens..


September 22, 2008   12:52 AM PDT
hi! where can i buy ur albums?
my email add is: zinu10203@yahoo.com
September 22, 2008   12:42 AM PDT
hi! where can i buy ur albums?
my email add is: zinu10203@yahoo.com
June 11, 2008   06:21 PM PDT
Hi, you can email me at orvenoveso@yahoo.com or at orven.enoveso@gmail.com.

May 31, 2007   11:59 PM PDT
man, you write so so well. The high point of my day is when I sit down, pop a smoke and get the coffee brewing, and read your entries. Your entry "The Killing time" and the "Winning Attitude" really got to me as my band had joined a recently concluded songwriting competition and managed to get to the finals. We didn't win, instead, the songs that did win (there was a 1st and 2nd place) didn't really offer anything new and had really crappy lyrics (it would have been novelty except for the music). I'm not saying that our entry was the best (although I fairly THINK it is, just that i'm not saying it. hehe) I just think that the judges could have picked a more quality song. Anyways, keep up the really good work bro. don't stop writing and I won't stop reading. Power to the Insect.
April 25, 2006   12:55 PM PDT
I first saw the name 'Sheila and the Insects' in a news article along side bands like 'sugar-free', twisted halo', 'urbandub, & the infamous 'radioactive sago project'. It said there that these are the real some of the few & really-rocking bands. At first i thought that this was just some old, crappy, ear-drum blowing band. But then, when i first laid eyes on the 'quick to panic' video, i definitely, undesputibly fell in love with your music!! And i have to admit that your principles, mr. orven, are so amazing. {all hail orven for selling his soul for a song!!} Long live the new Sheila and the Insects!! Rock harder!!!
January 28, 2006   09:32 AM PST
Gusto ko Iba naman. Ito iba talaga! Gusto ko ung mala new wave! ito halos kuha ang new wave!! Sana punta nman kayo d2 sa Davao! Ako lang yata ang may gus2 sa inyo d2 e!, Ok lang sometimes appreciation is very hard to get but in silence there is beauty. Astig kayo sheila.!!!
December 27, 2005   12:03 PM PST
Hi Sheila's Sister,

Thanks for your comments. I'm Orven the vocalist for Sheila and the Insects. I totally agree with you but did it ever occur to you that we've actually taken so much pains to avoid sounding British at all! I hate it when people think I'm trying to sound british. I don't have a single drop of brit blood in me and I NEVER pretended otherwise. If I sound that way in our songs, that's just happenstance. Not at all intended. Everyone who knows me knows that. So before you talk about our music, maybe you should listen to more than what you hear on the radio. Sheila and the Insects is 4 albums and maybe half a dozen singles released over a period of more than 10 years. It's not just "Quick to Panic". And besides, if you already peg our band as brit wannabe's, nothing I say I think will dissuade you from thinking about our music as truly Pinoy anyway.

My stand on the issue: Why should I let a few tagalog bands define what the true Pinoy sound is. Besides, shouldn't music, Pinoy music at that, be as diverse as any other country's.

Really, thank you for posting here. It means so much to me that people can connect with our music, agreeably or otherwise. The alternative would be to be totally ignored, so thanks and merry Christmas.
sheila's sister
December 26, 2005   06:47 PM PST
contrary to many, i dont appreciate the fact that you're trying to sound "brit" with all that british wannabe accent. im not really a fan of filipinos trying to sound un-pinoy just to be considered as "a good band". i havent heard any other songs from the new album, except for "quick to panic". but the song itself is really nice. though i would have enjoyed it more if it was sung by Bloc Party or Interpol or other foreign bands. of course i am not expecting pinoy vocalists to have authentic "pinoy accents". but im pretty sure, no authentic pinoy has a british accent. the closest would be an american one. so, to you guys, i appreciate the hard work, but please, drop the posuerish brit accent, unless, you (the vocalist) have, of course, british roots.

ianIx Of MuNdUs!
November 28, 2005   05:38 PM PST
yOu're so quick to panic....controlled suicide!!!!!! who would've thought that this band is a 100% pinoy....damn!!!!!astig! keep up the good work...god bless!
November 24, 2005   11:08 PM PST
October 13, 2005   10:05 PM PDT
hi guys,

i really liked quick to panic. i have also seen you @ mtv sessions and it was a very good performance. keep it up!
taga TC_72
October 8, 2005   03:40 PM PDT
guys, very nice video. makes me proud to be cebuano to see a very cebuano band. my 5 yr old cant seem to stop humming 'quick to panic', kids dont know how to lie- they must know a good song when they hear one. more power.
August 24, 2005   04:50 PM PDT
sheila and the insects rock... honestly speaking, hindi ko pa talaga narinig ang SATI, sobrang recently lang. hmmm... what more? SATI makes good and soulful music... sana makapanood ako ng gigs nyo dito sa manila... para kasing wala pa akong naririnig na gigs nyo dito sa manila...

oh well.. hehehehe... astig kayo. keep up the good work. peace out! rock on...
August 19, 2005   09:52 AM PDT
hey SATI,

i'm a huge fan!Im an anonymous groupie(if there is such a thing..then that is ME)actually my friends call me that coz i was always on the look out( when i was still in Cebu )for ur next gig and i always drag(sometimes pull their hair,sometimes bribe them)my close friends to come with me to see you play.
now,it is awesome that i found
this website at least i can still keep in touch with you and your music.(although there is nothing better to see and hear you play)
im so proud of you!

emilyinillinois = )
July 8, 2005   06:22 PM PDT
hi Niia,

We've always loved playing in Bacolod. I'm sure we'll get to play there again to promote our coming album. For now though, were still busy finishing the studio work. Just keep posted.

July 8, 2005   10:59 AM PDT
....are you guys EVER going to bacolod???cos i'm dying to see you live!!!
June 6, 2005   04:18 AM PDT
i,m a cebuano musician as well... and i am so proud and so envious(hehe) of what SATI has achieved... i am and will always be a big fan of your music... =)
May 26, 2005   12:55 PM PDT
sarap pakinggan...
February 14, 2005   03:24 PM PST
........well i really dont know whats dis band but i heard one of der song and i really cant help but to be proud.....keep it up...many teenager will also like ur songs..just like mhe...^_^

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