Entry: Mass tranquilizer Monday, July 11, 2005

The audience had me entertained more than the other way around I surmise. This is probably an exaggeration or another oversimplification. In any case, what happened during our gig last weekend warrants describing if only to explain a point on what Iíve always thought SATIís music meant for me and maybe for our audiences.

We weíre playing as part of the eveningís entertainment for an extreme games contest being held at a mall parking lot in Cebu. It was a huge corporate sponsored event that saw in-line skaters, skateboarders, and BMX riders competing against each other. Naturally, our audience that night consisted mostly of extreme games enthusiasts and like-minded teenagers. And as a natural consequence of the demographics of the crowd that night, their obvious affinity to loud and fast music came to the fore.

The bands playing ahead of us employed roaring vocals and screaming guitars played to stomping motions and frantic drumbeats. Unsurprisingly, they were a hit with the crowd who responded in like fashion with mob-like gusto. The faster the band played, the wilder the crowd became. Never mind that most of the time, I couldnít figure out the lyrics. It was like a soundtrack to their unbridled lifestyle.

We climbed the stage at 9pm to take our turn and without fanfare, played our set of six new, unreleased songs. The effect of our music was not unlike a mass sedative. The crowd kept their ground but fell silent. A few began to adopt squatting positions where the mosh pit used to be to take in our music in a more comfortable position.

I wouldnít know if we were entertaining the crowd or just lulling them to passive observation but it felt good to be playing and actually be listened to. There was none of the boos or catty remarks that would not have surprised me given the situation. And we even earned polite applause.

Scanning the crowd, I couldnít help but be entertained by the looks on their faces showing most of them couldnít decide what to make of our music. Which brings me to say what Iíve always thought SATIís music is: more thought provoking than mosh-inducing, more insightful than incendiary, and more cerebral than hormonal.

So we may not start riots but I say thereís more than one way to start revolutions.


Vimax Asli
May 29, 2014   12:52 PM PDT
It is great information. Thanks for your sharing.
July 14, 2005   02:18 PM PDT
ey lazyboy! we play at Handuraw every 1st weekend of the month thru an event organized by Indie Culture called Post No Bill. You can check out the gig's info at indiecultureonline.com. thanks man!!!
July 14, 2005   10:48 AM PDT
wow, i cant express much in words how your music touched me as a fellow musician that night.

i was there that night and i gotta tell you, you guys in my shelf, are one of the next big things to perform that night...

i wish you guys could play in an intimate setting like handuraw. i just cant get enough of the darker SATI music.

ey, i wished you played TOMORROW NOT TODAY that night...a couple of my buddies were hoping you'd play it. the song rocks man!

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