Entry: Finally emerging Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fantastic! Other than a few very minor tweaks that need, um, tweaking, ‘Flowerfish’ sounds really good. We we’re listening to the first study mix that Mikmik had burned for us to evaluate and comment on. We all wrote down our concerns but basically, they were all very minute details we thought could be corrected easily enough.

Mikmik had done another brilliant job and to think this mix was done in so short a time. Ideally, a couple of weeks would have been standard but because of our tight production schedules, we could only give him a few days. Still, he came through with a brilliantly flattering sound for Sheila and the Insects.

The album layout was already sent ahead to Boom last week together with the poster layouts and the press kits. Even our music video for ‘Quick to panic’ is shaping up rather well. As a preview of sorts, I’m posting a few of the images that were provided by Alan Parma of the Madbanana team who are even now hard at work. I should say the stills look fantastic. Can’t wait to see the moving animation clips. The video should be done by August also.

It’s all coming together and things are finally looking up. I still can’t post details though on our album launch until the date and venue firms up. The target is still August 5 but a lot of things can happen before that: production delays, venue problems, etc. Still, we’re hopeful we can meet the targets.

Finally, Flowerfish is emerging.


Vimax Asli
May 29, 2014   12:51 PM PDT
It is great information. Thanks for your sharing.
November 8, 2007   08:42 PM PST
I love your band :) it's so different. And you guys dont sound locaaal! :) Cool! :P
September 2, 2005   03:12 PM PDT
i'm a die hard fan of SATI since i was still in my hometown cebu.i just bought your album flowerfish two days ago.Really great album.and i saw your video last night at myx,it was sooo cool man.why won't you write a tagalog song so that you will really make it big in the mainstream.Not that im a big fan of tagalog songs,BISDAK gud ta,its just you will be bigger than you are right now. Good Luck to you guys. More power and more success.Cebuanos are really proud of you.Keep up the good work.
August 3, 2005   04:47 PM PDT
<bailey> the slides above aren't inlay art but snapshots of our latest video still in the making for the song "Quick to Panic". All credit goes to madbanana. If you wanna know more about their production house, just click on the graphic or go to www.madbanana.tv

Salamat mga amigo
July 25, 2005   12:33 AM PDT
nice inlay for the album! can't wait...
July 23, 2005   09:02 PM PDT
looks pretty nifty, cant help but notice a sort of sin city look to it. cant wait to get a copy of flowerfish.
July 22, 2005   04:43 AM PDT
GAAAHHHHHHH! excited for you, guys... er, insects!!!

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