Entry: The etymology of Flowerfish Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why Flowerfish? People will eventually ask without doubt. But like any other album title or band name for that matter, that is just it. Its just a name. Nothing more and nothing less. No hidden meaning or underlying profound kernel of wisdom hidden at the end of a labyrinth of lexicology. Its just an invented word. I offer no apologies if some of you find that disappointing.

Truth is I just came up with the name from out of nowhere. Two random words that may as well have been picked out from a book of first words for growing babies. Fished out from a sea of ordinary terms representing very ordinary, er, stuff. Joined together to form a wholly different word and hopefully define a wholly different world.

A collection of songs as pretty as a flower yet as elusive as a fish, half hidden in a forest of colorful rocks. Okay, I may have overdone it that time but truth be told, Id rather that the listener build their own meaning of the word from listening to the album.

Emotions, after all are hard to define and given that each of our songs in this collection evokes a different mood or mix of moods, to pool them all in a collection, it helps to give them a name that hopefully embodies the meaning that should filter out from the sonic experience proffered.

The name had come first before the imagery. I had suggested the album name many months before we even started recording. The band seemed to like it and we all eventually came to adopt it. It was by sheer chance that the album photograph surfaced.

It was from a collection of photos taken during a photo shoot I had done as part of my day job. I was taking pictures to represent the pool facility for a school that was a client of our ad agency. I had experimented with underwater shots using a small, handheld, waterproof digital camera. After I had taken enough photos for my satisfaction, I lent the camera to one of the kids who promptly played around with it.

Weeks after the shoot, I unintentionally browsed through the pictures that the kids had taken. This one photo stood out. An accidental shot evoking an eerie mysterious mood. Those glassy expressionless eyes told stories as varied as could be imagined by anyone. I had found our album cover.

It took me almost a month to trace the boy in the self-portrait and just as long to get a written authorization from the boys mother, Robin Aboitiz, who was very kind and accommodating enough to allow us to use the shot.

This is without doubt our best album cover yet. Hopefully, the printers will do the picture justice. Come August, well know.


July 30, 2005   05:07 AM PDT
oisht! pabadlong...we might give the wrong impression-- wa ta anang high lexic-standard oy. simply 'using the right words (improvised or otherwise) to evoke the right imagery' > that sums up my ideal in writing
July 29, 2005   12:07 PM PDT
We did our bestest to satisfy the high lexicology standards of people like you. Let us know your verdict. If we come short of expectations, you can always just hum the songs. hehe.
July 29, 2005   06:47 AM PDT
'flowerfish'> that newly-minted word speaks volumes to me.

in songs i prefer poetry that allows me room to imagine; i prefer that over prosaic lyrics any time. any time at all. (lol i could go on...but this isn't my blog and i don't want to sequester unnecessary space haha--so this entry has unwittingly inspired me to rant).

i expect the rest of the album tracks to be as stirring as that poetic word, 'flowerfish'.

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