Entry: The national summit on band breakups Friday, May 19, 2006

The convenor was Vin Dancel of Twisted Halo, the band that was days away from playing their last gig together. That was how our small drinking session turned out to be, an open forum and discussion on band break-ups.

We had just finished our last gig for that Friday night at the Jam Radio Concert at the parking lot of Greenhills. We were seated inside Krokodile or was that what the restaurant was called? The kriminals had invited us to drop by after the show. Not really having any plans after the show, we walked through the crowds and found our way to their perch for a couple of drinks.

Now, a couple of hours or so later, I found myself indoors, tired but satisfied with a cold beer in front of me in the company of a small group of friends. Looking outside from behind the glass, I could clearly see some distance away, the stage hands slowly and methodically pulling down the stage riggings, the only visible remains of what was just hours ago, a noisy gathering. The other restaurant patrons that night had all been seated outside to get the best view of the concert from the restaurant's strategically overlooking balcony. A few were still actually lingering for late dinners or to finish last orders.

Inside, however, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Vin shared his story on Twisted Halo’s countdown to breakup, not at all in poignant terms but rather like an objective narrative on a band that had lived its purpose. Certain crustaceans have been known to outgrow adopted shells so much so that they have to discard it and explore the oceans unprotected to look for a new bigger shell they can live in and continue to grow. At some point, things have to move on. Twisted Halo decided now was that time.

Each of us there that night had our own stories to share about band breaking up or evolving. Kris on Fatal Posporos; Ian and me on the old Sheila and the Insects, Chuck on Nuncyspungen. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Different places and different cultures yet similar stories. Personalities may change, but the music goes on. You can never kill a good thing like good music.

Vin is already looking for a new incarnation for his music. Of course. That night, we raised a toast to Twisted Halo, celebrating the end of an era and looking ahead to the beginning of something new. In loving memory of the fearless exploits of the Twisted Halo, cheers!


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