Entry: Curtains and trims Sunday, September 06, 2009

I canít get rid of the Curtains and Trims jingle from head. Itís been playing on loop mode. If youíre from Cebu, you know this jingle and you understand how annoying it gets. They should use it in Guantanamo Bay since waterboarding is no longer an option for them there. Not as violent but just as effective. Prisoners will tell all or beg to be killed and be spared from such a torturous never ending audio loop. Or they might suffer permanent brain damage, whichever comes first.


paper writers
July 14, 2016   07:00 PM PDT
Yes, I agree with you! This jingle is awful. They should do something with it!
Vimax Asli
May 29, 2014   11:37 AM PDT
It is great information. Thanks for your sharing.
January 12, 2012   03:56 PM PST
I actually like this jingle. It's better than the one they play at SM. It's so bad, it's good.
March 28, 2010   09:48 PM PDT
hahaha...an annoying jingle...

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