Entry: No carrot nor stick Thursday, February 18, 2010

We’ve been struggling of late to finish arranging our two new songs. We are not motivated enough -- that is probably the simplest explanation of why we can’t seem to finish the last mile. If and when we get the chance to be in the studio together to work on something, we end up free jamming instead of consciously working on our compositions.

Nothing wrong with having fun, but when we do that too often enough without regard for goals and a timeline, we end up suddenly realizing it’s been roughly a year since we got back together and we still haven’t played any new material at all.

Which I surmise is why we’re not at all motivated to play gigs of late, but then that’s a different thing.

Hopefully, that will change with our commitment now to shoot for Tambayan sa Outpost this March. One of our goals is to play a couple of new songs for our episode. That plus the fact that we have to start recording before Jerros leaves for Manila for his board review in a few weeks adds to the pressure.

So how are our new songs doing? Let me put it this way: if our lives depended on it, we could probably play our new songs on a live set. Meaning if, and only if, we absolutely had to would we play them in public. But we’re just not comfortable with our tentative arrangements just yet. We’re not happy so we can’t debut it.

Then again, maybe we’ve been at them for far too long that we can’t see them for what they probably are already – good songs. Or then again, they could just be crap that took us a long time to morph into better arranged songs but still crap.


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March 5, 2010   12:32 AM PST
Dear SATI,

Please come back to Manila. I missed your gig last August.

Tonet :D

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