Entry: Band Update: Back in the Studio Friday, March 26, 2010

After what seemed like ages, SATI’s finally going back inside a recording studio to record new material. We’re starting tomorrow at Zzubo with Paul Cañada manning the boards for us. Paul worked with us on the last single we released which was “Softly” for the Apo Hiking Society tribute album.

For tomorrow’s session, we’re mainly going to concentrate on the drum tracks for the singles “Pretty Loser” and “Blind”. I wrote the former while the latter is a band collaboration. Jerros will be leaving next week for his bar review and will be gone for maybe half a year which is why we hurriedly scheduled a studio session. With him away we’d end up in forced hiatus. But with his drum tracks in, the rest of us can work on the songs in the studio without him. At least there’s progress.

Wish I could say when the songs will be available for the public. To be honest, we haven’t planned things that far just yet. There are some plans afoot though to do a special single release but we’ll get to that when we get there.

I’m personally happy the way our song arrangements ended up. We’ll see how it all comes together though in the studio.

And I promise to post more often.


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July 14, 2016   06:56 PM PDT
Oh, your last album was awesome! I hope that this one will be even better. Your songs are cool!
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December 9, 2015   11:11 AM PST
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Vimax Asli
May 29, 2014   11:36 AM PDT
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April 3, 2010   08:54 PM PDT
woohoo! can't wait for the single! can't wait for the album!
March 27, 2010   01:21 AM PDT
Ya, if we need to do gigs in the meantime, we usually get Edric of The Line Divides to session for us.
March 26, 2010   08:18 PM PDT
have you guys considered someone to fill-in jai's spot? :)
March 26, 2010   07:15 PM PDT
Lyrics to Pretty Loser:

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