Entry: Tempo map for Blind Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We had to pause our studio recording at 11:30pm last week. To avoid having our vehicles towed for overnight parking by the roadside, we had to move them before midnight to a pay parking lot. But we came back right away and finished the rest of the beer and the bass tracks. We called it a night after Wesley finished recording his tracks for “Blind” and “Pretty Loser”. The guys are all done, except me.

I need to do my vocals and guitars which are scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have enough energy to finish both in one session. Which is why I’ve decided ahead that I’ll be doing my vocals first that being the more strenuous task. At times like these, I stock up on pei pa koa.

Here’s a useless factoid: for the song “Pretty Loser”, we used a metronome as a guide track set to 122 beats per minute. For the song “Blind” though, we used 128 and 130 beats per minute depending on which part of the song. It took us a while to construct a tempo map but that felt like the best way to approach the project. For the singing parts of the song, 128 was just right while for the instrumentals, 128 was just a tad bit too slow, hence the compromise.

You probably won’t hear the difference when you hear the song played in its final form. For one, it sounds so natural. In fact, when we play the song live, we have a natural tendency to speed up on the instrumental parts. If anything, it should make the song sound more organic, subtle the effect might be.

I’ll post more details soon.


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