Entry: A rare Manila appearance Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sheila and the Insects will be playing in Saguijo on the 31st of July. That’s two Saturdays from now. Jerros is still in Manila reviewing for the bar exam which is why the band hasn’t been doing any gigs of late. This special gig though is all Kate Torralba’s idea. And it’s all happening despite the logistics of flying in a band from Cebu for a small-venue one-night-only event. It’s hard to say no to an old friend.

Kate used to play for Hard Candy, one of the mainstays of the Cebu underground band scene back in the 90’s. Together with Frank! which was fronted by Franco Reyes, currently of the superband Franco, we’d do the rounds of the small clubs. We even did a short Visayas tour with all three bands together.

Gigs and corporate sponsorships back then were rare and far in between, so that tour and others like it were important milestones for us struggling acts back then. Hard Candy is no more but Kate still performs occasionally as a solo act in between her current full-time gig as a fashion designer, and you can catch her on the gig as well. For Sheila and the Insects, we’re still around although we’re not the full time band we used to be. Gigging only when it suits us, which is a luxury of choice I rather enjoy.

The band Franco, with its dream lineup showcases Franco Reyes’ talents that Cebuanos have always known about. He’s like Cebu’s best kept secret all these years. The only surprising thing really for me is why the rest of the country took this long to notice. Too bad his band won’t be making an appearance for this gig, that being Kate’s original plan. But I won’t be surprised if he shows up. This, after all, will be like a reunion of sorts for the indie acts that did the rounds in Cebu’s celebrated music venues like Artist Dais and Ribo’s Party Central.

Right now, the thing we badly need to schedule will be the band rehearsal, which we’ll have to do in the afternoon before we play. We’ve no choice on this considering Jerros is temporarily Manila-based. But we’ll make do with what we can. The circumstances aren’t ideal but it’s all pushing through in spite of the hitches. The plane tickets have been bought already so it’s all a go.

Now if we can only get a crowd to come see us. This after all, would be like only the 3rd or 4th gig in maybe less than 10 for us this year. So please pass the word and hope to see you guys there.


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August 18, 2010   12:33 AM PDT
Caught the show and mind totally blown. Awesome set (including the MORE encore). Everything became one huge sing-along party. You HAVE to go back and perform for us Manileños! :D
Kooky Padua-Luis
July 31, 2010   12:48 AM PDT
looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow! : )

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