Entry: Day one Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're starting all over again. Part of the reboot we're doing is to open our own website. And that's where this blog is going to be continued.

Read us there:


See you there.


essay writing
July 14, 2016   06:53 PM PDT
I am so glad that you come back! I am waiting for the new posts! Thanks!
kencan online
August 7, 2014   12:28 AM PDT
Glad you are continuing your blog on your own website, will see u there Sheila
Jong Cadelina
December 13, 2012   05:42 AM PST

Hey Soy,
Congrats on the band's return! Love your work--just keep on doing what you doing. Good job on the new website too. Thank you for making your music available.

Talk to you later.


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